GearsTech is the first private company that offers Qt Training in Latin America. Qt has been a boom in Europe, Asia, and North America; therefore the industry and academic fields can highly benefit by the learning of Qt.

Following we present the different courses we offer, to get a course as a service you should:

  1. contact us by for availability and pricing.
    1. Refer whether the training is on-site or in the GearsTech offices.
    2. Determine how many peoples will take the course.
    3.  Communicate which technology you need/have (computers, projector, blackboard and so on).
    4. Get to a general negotiation and contract.
    5. Enjoy the course!


Qt Widgets Basics

About the course:

Qt is a framework that presents “widgets” that are the basic building block for graphical user interfaces (GUI) applications. By this way, you’ll have the basic knowledge to develop multi-platform software(Desktop, Mobile, Embedded Systems, Web).

What you’ll learn:

  1. C++ and Qt basics to Widgets development.
  2. How to compile and debug Qt projects easily.
  3. How to use Qt Creator IDE properly.
  4. How to develop excellent QWidgets projects

Qt Intermediate

About the course:

You’re expected to have Qt basic knowledge to get introduced to this course. Qt Intermediate objective is to get know the principal features of the “core” of Qt.

What you’ll learn:

  1. QWidgets enhancements.
  2. How to handle Qt applications events.
  3. The concepts of Qt Generics and Templates.
  4. Practical Image manipulation by Qt.
  5. Qt Meta Objects and Reflective Programming concepts.

Qt Intermediate/Advance

About the course:

In this course, you’re expected to be pretty good in Qt. Here, advanced concepts are introduced to permit you to enhance large/ complex projects regarding application development.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Model and Views.
  2. Qt Concurrency.
  3. Qt Serialization.
  4. Qt 3D.
  5. Qt in Embedded Systems.

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