Led Strips App- Custom Sequences for your LedStrips

Had you required custom sequences for your Leds Strips but neither the controller or product itself didn’t have this functionality?

Do you need to spend tons of money to acquire a Pixel Controller? Or were you struggling with the device programming?

LedStrips App comes to solve this issue with a friendly user interface and fast programming. For personalized attention, send us an email to info@gearstech.com.mx.

LedStrips App is a fast-response multiplatform application to program microcontrollers to send sequences to Led Strips.

Led Strips as a Service

If you decide to get LEdStrips as a service, you just need to worry about which color do you want! Your distributor will give you the microcontroller ready to connect; in this service, you’ll obtain:

  1. A PCB circuit depending of the length and amount of your LedStrips(vary the price).
    1. Max. 5  meters of LedStrips (5 Amps).
    2. Max 20 meters of LedStrips (20 Amps).
    3. Max 50 meters of LedStrips (50 Amps).
  2. The distributor service to program your microcontroller.
  3. Support* to change your color or any issue regarding your LedStrips.

Led Strips as product

If you decide to get LedStrips as a whole product, you’ll obtain the license to get the complete software and documentation that will allow you program your microcontroller in your own; in this case, you’ll obtain:

  1. A key-protected package with the most recent update of LedStrips App.
  2. Updates and plugins along time of LedStrips App.
  3. Support* in development and modifications in the source code.

*This is limited in time, but you can extend the support time with an extra purchase.