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C++/Qt Specialists

GearsTech believes that with the “upgrading” of C++ (C++11, C++14,…), C++ based technology will have a big influence in industries such as Embedded Systems, more that what it has nowadays. Our engineers have more than 4 years developing C++ application for Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Systems and Automobile Technology industries.

Moreover, Gearstech uses Qt Framework as an addition to the C++ applications, offering something that C++ application lack: Attractive multi-platform GUIs. Even more, GearsTech crafts back end algorithms with the powerful alliance of C++ and Qt. Our GearTech engineers have 3 years of experience developing Qt applications and they’re in continuous improvement to offer new amazing Qt features and tools.

We’re also promoting social improvement. Prove of that, are your weekly technology videos where we teach about our experience and skills. Look at this video for example:


Embedded Systems

In GearsTech, our focus is in Embedded Systems software development. Our Engineers are able to link Electronics, Mechanics and Software to create amazing products and tools based in Embedded Systems. We have experience connecting those devices to Internet to achieve “Internet Of Things” products.

Excellent example is the UrbanFarm project. UrbanFarm permits you to have healthy food in your house without caring of take take of your harvest! UrbanFarm knows that in cities, we’re pretty much busy all the time, but also we want the best quality food for us and our family. Therefore, UrbanFarm uses embedded systems to control variables in the system to let you care just in cultivate and harvest your delicious food.

The developers of UrbanFarm combines the newest technology with the innovation of the food industry to offer an excellent alternative to our future.


Artificial Intelligence

Our GearTech engineers has been working in IA, being also involve in course such as Intel imparted courses. Using Neuronal Network, Expert Systems and Artificial Vision projects.

One good example is MechLynx. MechLynx is automobile diagnosis application. Imagine that you’re in the way at home and the engine stopped unexpectedly. We believe that any information about your car is really important. MechLynx can conclude what problem you have by asking simple question of symptoms or connecting¬† to an OBDII module. Connecting MechLynx to the OBDII, you’ll have direct connection with the sensors and devices and automatically you’ll obtain the exact issue.

The development of MechLynx was purely in C++/Qt giving a fast response and direct connection with the devices, enhancing the solidness and quality of the project.

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