CANoe is a Vector toolset which is able to configure a complete LIN cluster. Inside the toolset, you can find the option of LDF Explorer. LDF stands for (LIN Description File) and encloses all configuration required to run a LIN cluster.

To configure a LIN cluster, you need to define:

  1. Slave Nodes
  2. Signals
  3. Schedule

The following steps are intended as a simple walkthrough to create a LDF from scratch

Create a new LDF

Create a Slave Node (there are always by default a Master Node, so the LDF always define one by default).

Define an appropriate name

Define a Diagnostic Frame

Within this Diagnostic Frame; define the Signal Mapping by adding Map Signals.

Note: You can see the mapping of these signals from a more grapichal way, by clicking the colored rectangles

Define a LIN Master Node request frame

Check the Node and Signals Properties

Define the several schedules

Run the LIN Consistency Checker to solve warning and error inside the LIN cluster configuration.


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