Now, it’s time to code!

We’re gonna begin  with the implementation of the expert system. Before coding, lets discuss about what’s a PROPNode.

A PROPNode is the principal part of the structure of the semantic tree. Using these nodes we’re able to define a literal or operation, with the purpose of create certain rules for the semantic tree. As we discuss, in the last video of Semantic Tree, a node has a connection with other two below nodes and  it also serves as operator for further operations.

So we’re gonna start opening Qt Creator and creating a new project in the main window. This project should be called PROPCompiler (yeah, it’s a compiler, in next videos you’re gonna discover it deeply) and should also be a static library, therefore the program that is going to be executed is the Qt front-end, and PROPCompiler acts as a complementary software. For now, we’re gonna create a app and later we’re gonna transform it in library in the .pro file.

In the next video, you’re able to follow the implementation of the PROPNode:


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